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After spending more than 14 years in the NBA, Brad Miller is excited to be focusing all his time and energy on the next greatest thing: his leisure hunting lifestyle as a good ol’ country boy. He’s worked hard for his toys, and now he’s ready to play!

Even after the glitz and glam of being an NBA superstar, Brad has stayed true to his roots as a small town Indiana country boy. Now with 1400 acres of his own farmland across 4 states, including a lodge with hunting options on Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, Brad has the resources to live out his dream of hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Now in entering his fifth season as the host of Country Boy Outdoors, Brad is well adjusted to the pressure of getting the kill. After a successful three seasons with Jon Brunson, Brad is ready to branch out on his own to take his all-star friends and hometown buddies on the adventure of a lifetime.

Tune in to the Sportsman Channel to join Brad as he travels the world doing what he loves: Whackin’ and Stackin’ baby!

New episodes coming July 2016 to Sportsman Channel!

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Brad Miller Retires from Basketball

CBO Farmer Brad Miller

Brad Miller wasn’t your typical NBA center during the era of high-flyers and YouTube-inspiring dunks. He wasn’t a guy most people would ever think of paying to see play basketball. In fact, he wasn’t a guy most people thought could play basketball.

The country boy from Kendallville, Indiana, is a slow, unathletic big man by NBA standards. He always has been. When you’re classified that way athletically, you’re not supposed to

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From the Court to the Woods

CBO Farmer Brad

As a member of the 2002-03 Indiana Pacers, Miller helped his team to the third-best record in the Eastern Conference while also being named an All-Star over teammate Ron Artest. That summer, he was traded to the Sacramento Kings, where his skill set would be perfectly paired with Adelman’s offensive system.

Miller is a beautiful passer. Watching him operate out of the post and the high-post throughout his 14

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