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2015 Outdoor Sportsman Awards

Make sure to vote for Brad Miller for your Fan Favorite Host at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards! Voting lasts from November 16th to December 6th so cast your vote soon! Click the link below to start the process and make sure to catch Season 4 of Country Boys Outdoors, only on Sportsman Channel! http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/vote/

Catch Part 2 of Country Boys Outdoors’ New Season

We’re halfway through the new season of Country Boys Outdoors and it’s been a blast thus far. From hunting black bears in Cali and searching his new property for a buck named Miracle to hosting his annual Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event and participating in the World Turkey Hunting Championships, Brad’s been there and back this season. While the first half has been incredible, part two is looking even better. The …Read More

Brad Miller Retires from Basketball

Brad Miller wasn’t your typical NBA center during the era of high-flyers and YouTube-inspiring dunks. He wasn’t a guy most people would ever think of paying to see play basketball. In fact, he wasn’t a guy most people thought could play basketball. The country boy from Kendallville, Indiana, is a slow, unathletic big man by NBA standards. He always has been. When you’re classified that way athletically, you’re not supposed to end …Read More

From the Court to the Woods

As a member of the 2002-03 Indiana Pacers, Miller helped his team to the third-best record in the Eastern Conference while also being named an All-Star over teammate Ron Artest. That summer, he was traded to the Sacramento Kings, where his skill set would be perfectly paired with Adelman’s offensive system. Miller is a beautiful passer. Watching him operate out of the post and the high-post throughout his 14 years …Read More