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From the Court to the Woods

CBO Farmer Brad

As a member of the 2002-03 Indiana Pacers, Miller helped his team to the third-best record in the Eastern Conference while also being named an All-Star over teammate Ron Artest. That summer, he was traded to the Sacramento Kings, where his skill set would be perfectly paired with Adelman’s offensive system.

Miller is a beautiful passer. Watching him operate out of the post and the high-post throughout his 14 years has been a pleasure. He often seemed to know there was an opening to deliver the ball before his teammates even knew they were open. He could throw bounce passes, chest passes, behind-the-back passes, or whatever was necessary to get his teammates a score. The passes were on point, allowing the least amount of movement and execution to get a good shot off. When he integrated himself into Adelman’s system, he was thrown into a world that allowed his game to flourish.

You couldn’t just protect against the pass either. He was a deadeye shooter from midrange. During his days with the Kings under Adelman, he was an incredible weapon from 16-23 feet. He made 46.5 percent of his jumpers from that range, according to NBA.com. Back off of him and he’d snipe your defense with his jumper, just like his second passion in life — hunting.
Miller will walk away from his 14-year NBA career in order to further develop a hunting show that he has with his friend. While it was a decision that appeared to be very trying and tough as he checked out of his final game Thursday night, it’s one he’s confident in doing.

“I’ve been playing for 30 years, so when it’s time, it’s time,” he said after finishing his 868th game. “My body ain’t worth a [expletive] anymore, but I still have my heart.”

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